Hideout b3

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First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. Updated to b3

    Changes: - Added nobuild zone to tops of barrel crates and the tank in cave area - Fixed broken detail sprites - Adjusted fog and water lod settings - Added aditional cosmetic details
  2. Updated to b1

    Changes: Map: - Opened part of window in upper right building at mid - Fixed nav issues near hatch - Fixed misaligned respawn room visualizer textures on player spawn - Fixed deathpit not instantly killing robots Advanced: - W2: Increased number...
  3. Updated to a3

    Map: - Added second ramp up to upper walkway near front - Adjusted size and position of pickups - Fixed forward upgrade station not working after failing a wave - Fixed clipping around sheet metal step near front - Fixed nav mesh around dump...

Latest reviews

What a beautiful, tropical twist to mvm. Hideout's pretty solid, I like playing it whenever servers host it. The layout was easy to learn, and there's some cool geometry and landmarks.