Hi-Res World Maps 1.0

Made by Micnax

  1. Micnax

    Is your super evil genius corporation plagued by those low quality, crappy maps still left around from days gone? Do your ballistic missiles keep missing your enemies because you fired at the wrong chunk of pixels instead of the ones right next to it? Now there's a solution!

    Introducing the new MANN CO. HIGH RESOLUTION WORLD MAPS! These massive textures can ensure you hit your target spot-on every time, guaranteed! Need to plot out a plan of attack with your many minions? These will get the job done!

    This pack comes in two different sizes, a regular size of 2048px wide and a huge one of 4096px wide! I recommend you stick with the regular one however, the huge version will add a whopping 10mb to your map size, compared to the tiny 2mb that the regular version will. Final detailed maps may want to opt for the more detailed version, however.

    I'm not one to leave my favourite corporations out though, so these maps come in both RED and BLUE colours! I'm also obliged to throw in a GRAY edition as well with the advent of Mann vs. Machine mode. Use it however you want!

    These are recreations of the world map textures used on the massive monitors in 2fort so they look a lot cleaner. Took me 1 hour or so in Adobe Photoshop CS6. If you use them, I'd like it if you could credit me, but I'm not too bothered if you don't. Think of it as a Christmas gift!


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