Helltrain event_rc12a

Steal the Soul Cells from the enemy Sempiternal Soul System to live forever!

  1. Mid improvements and fixes

    A Bucket
    -Added jump pads to mid.
    -Blocked some sight lines at mid.
    -Re-detailed the coal room.
    -Fixed a window detail in spawn not being visible from the inside.
    -Fixed being able to shoot through some stair props.
    -Some optimization.
  2. Minor optimization

    A Bucket
    -Players can no longer stand on top of the trees
    -More optimization
    -Made the ocean's ambient bubbles less taxing by halving the spawn rate
  3. Optimization Polish

    A Bucket
    -A little bit more hint skipping, to make lower spawn, main, and boiler better
    -Got rid of 1600 unnecessary faces on models
    Finally done?
  4. Huge optimization improvements!

    A Bucket
    -Propper hint/skips
    -Made some windows into skybox brushes to seal them off, as all you could see through them was the skybox
    -Removed 10 area portal windows because ^
    -More prop fades
    -Major geometry cleaning pass, no longer embarassing :]
  5. Optimization and clipping

    A Bucket
    update rc8:
    -A ton of clipping fixes
    -Fixed visible nodraws
    -Portal timing fix
    -Made some more brushes fade for performance
    -Significantly increased the front wheel model performance
    -More ghost sounds
    -Made the spiral staircase models better
    -Texture fixes
  6. Cleaning

    A Bucket
    -Cleaned some geometry
    -Fixed a visible nodraw
    -Texture fixes on the boiler
    -Clipping improvement by the slide
    -Made some brushes fade for performance
    -Fixed a soundscape issue
    -Added some more mid lighting
    -Better piston lighting
    -Better portal timing
    -Cleaned up a model
    -Fixed the shake not starting sometimes
  7. ugh

    A Bucket
    -Fixed a visible nodraw
  8. Exploit fixes and stuff

    A Bucket
  9. Minor stuff

    A Bucket
    -fixed some prop lighting
    -fixed some prop placement
    -fixed an exploit
  10. Exploit fixes

    A Bucket
    -Exploit fixes
    -Beam lighting fixes
    -unmirrored light shaft fix