Helltrain b16

Ctf map built into two giant trains

  1. Sounds packed

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    Vide is stinky
  2. Minor Fixes

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    -Added some missing visual stuff
    -Tweaked the fade to be less opaque
    -Texture alignments
    -Blue spawn particals were frozen for some reason
    -Prop lighting fixes
    -Sounds should be packed properly
  3. Better layout flow and new soundscapes

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    -Added some props to boost people to places that they previously had to skill jump to.
    -Widened doors into main and into the little room right before main.
    20180713163123_1.jpg 20180713163128_1.jpg
    -Added a window peering into main.
    -Hp rework to lower spawn camping and upper mid camping.
    -Added a nobuild on the suspension bridge.
    -Added a nobuild outside the jump-vent.
    -Improved the void scenery.
    -Better looking portal.
    -Fixed some lighting issues. Next update will add ao on...
  4. Soundscape update and fixes

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    -New an improved soundscapes for the farm, desert, and void.
    -Skeletons spawn when you get stunned on the little area in front of the bridge, where you're not supposed to go.
    -Clips on bridge railings
  5. Mid rework

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    -Made the bridge a lot wider and gave it some verticality
    -Added jump pad to roofs
    -Made the 2nd bridge safer and clipped it
    -Added more cover to the roof
    -Updated portal model
    -On cap, a portal opens in the fireplace letting players go down quickly
    -Changing soundscapes
    -Reduced respawn times
    -More skybox detail
    -Made some routes easier to navigate
    20180709203743_1.jpg 20180709203748_1.jpg 20180709203738_1.jpg
  6. Forgot to pack

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  7. Gameplay improvements and visual effects

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    -Tons of visual fixes
    -Removed a route out of spawn that let into main, streamlining the route into boiler room
    -Mid overhaul
    -Added another bridge that's faster, but more dangerous
    -Added a garden area at mid
    -Moving Skybox(es)
    -Sound effects
    -Added fast travel between upper and lower spawn
    -Some lighting improvements (still working on it)
    -Texture overhaul
    20180707001544_1.jpg 20180707001806_1.jpg
    Next update...
  8. Navigation and lighting improvements

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    -Lighting improvements (Way more spook)
    -Map is a little bit easier to navigate
    -Made it less complicated by removing opening doors, aside from spawn of course
    -Fixed a weird brush
  9. Some fixes

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    -Shortcut door was not behaving correctly
    -Some other stuff
  10. Some minor tweaks

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    -The door to the boiler room opens for red players when it is in lock down mode
    -Respawn times are affected by the intel
    -Some more push triggers and greater awareness of where they are