Helltrain event_final2

Steal the Soul Cells from the enemy Sempiternal Soul System to live forever!

  1. Panckakebro

    All aboard ctf_helltrain, a never-ending-multi-dimensional-time-travelling train ride! Steal the Soul Batteries from the enemy train to power your Sempiternal Soul System, to live forever! Look out for the wheel of doom though, as Merasmus came to torture the Mercs once again.

    • 5 moving environments, accessed by a portal that appears every 3 minutes or so.
    • Spooky automated transit system announcer
    • Custom soundscapes for each environment.
    • A custom wheel of doom that is activated after entering a portal.
    • Tricks to give the illusion of movement, such as moving wheels, a shaking screen, ect.
    • Jump pads and booster pads.
    • Musical-Organ-Slides.
    • Explosions!
    A Bucket: Lead
    Rytu: Textures, Modelling, Sound, Particals
    Emolga: Layout
    Pixenal: Animation, Modelling
    Phenomene: Ideas, Debugging, Textures, Sound
    Overpovered: Blue manor content
    EmNudge: Voice actor

    Fun Facts:​
    • This map has been worked on for over a year.
    • The first sketch was on a galaxy note 7 (now recalled).
    • 118 models were made in total, but some were not used.


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Recent Updates

  1. MInor fix
  2. VO Fixes
  3. Major update!

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: event_final2
    looks very nice
  2. IndiePhunq
    Version: event_rc6
    For RC5, not RC6. One of the best event maps I've played. Rarely stalemates, which is no small achievement for a CTF map. Could use another bridge between trains.