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Hello Gordon a3

Hello Gordon

Blu Mesa Research facility decided to test some shiny crystal using Red Mesa's Antimass Spectrometer
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CTF
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Latest updates

  1. Hello Gordon

    Thx Wilson and Squishy for personal feedback Reworked A point, removed some of the dead gameplay pit areas Remade A Blu lobby Added a holo sign near A Red lobby Added a new route for Blu at A Reworked B point, added some layout variety Added a...
  2. Hello Gordon

    Remade B point from scratch Removed right route on A Changed respawn times Changed Red and Blu lobbies on A
  3. A1B - Some fixes

    I still thinking about B remake, so I decided to update it to fix some issues (Also keep gathering feedback about A) Changed Crystal model (made it small) Changed respawn times Added some lighting Moved Staircase at B