Hazzle a7a

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Hazzle a7a

Payload map with 3 capture points

First map of year 2016? At least very close!

My first try with payload. Surprisingly it even works. This will be standard 4cp payload but due to size of a payload map I rather test it in smaller parts (and because I have no idea what kinda final I want to make).

-Maybe redo 2nd
-Make better spawn for red on last
-Take new screenshots
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Remade last

    a7a -New last point -This map will stay with 3 points
  2. Fixed chokes and some detailing for fun

    a7 -Red 1st/blu 2nd spawn is farther away from everything -Added some space to where ^ spawn is -Hopefully that means no chokepoint anymore between 1st and 2nd cap -New structure on first area -Some feedbacked fixes
  3. 2nd and 3rd changes

    a6 -Changed blu spawn exit area, should be easier for red to defend -Added one building to 2nd -Few other changes on 2nd -Added stairs on 3rd -Added platform for defensing on 3rd

Latest reviews

The Map has some very good and intresting dynamics it looks very nice and I think in the future when its out of alpha and the dev textures removed, the map will look very cool and hopefully for most of us fun to play on.