Hatshepsut a7

Serious sam gaming

  1. Added some skies

    -sky is now hydro
    -added detail
    -improved lightning
    -hdr support
  2. Gathering of the gods

    -added rock ramps to temple route
    -yeti hell
    -detailing improvements
    -clipping improvements
  3. Start fighting now!

    -added yeti
    -added cranes to anti sniper props to prevent people from standing on them
    -removed more bricks due to norfolks reaction
    -added fences
    -large health is now medium
    -added large health on stick over crocodile infested water maybe its better ot leave it alone?
  4. Nile side improvements

    -added anti sniper props on sightlines
    -fixed broken floor
    -small health is now on bottom floor
    -large health is reachable by all classes
    -lowered nile bank depth
    -added sneaky crocodile
    -added crocodile to the skybox
    -temple side route now has 2 little rock things
    -clips added to spawn
    -serious sam 3 bfe desert fight music on cap enabled removed (because no one played serious sam 3)
    -temple side route health kit lowered
  5. more egypt

    -added egypt