Harter rc1

Mirrored KotH map with Dustbowl inspired art

  1. Release Candidate 1

    Kit Carson
    The launch to the Workshop marks RC1

    Only changes in this version are to the map material files, which have been swapped from 2fort to dustbowl.
  2. Optimization Pass

    Kit Carson
    This update focuses on optimization, mainly the addition of occluders, reworks to existing areaportals and hint/skips, and the addition of fade distances to a majority of the props in the map. Bug reports and performance feedback are both greatly appreciated.
  3. Artpass completion

    Kit Carson
    This update includes no layout changes. The spawnrooms have been remade, cave has been detailed, the 3d skybox is implemented, as well as cubemaps and soundscapes.
    20200625072512_1.jpg 20200625072454_1.jpg 20200625072520_1.jpg 20200625072531_1.jpg 20200625071453_1.jpg
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  4. b3 - Blue Facilities Artpass

    Kit Carson
    The update to beta 3 brings the following layout changes:
    • Size of pickups around mid has been adjusted
    • New pickups have been added to the house-side approach to mid
    The cave is unchanged and will remain unchanged.

    Artpass Progress:
    • Interiors and exteriors of Blue connector buildings completed
    • Blue battlements and diagonal building completed
    • Support beams have been added to the control point
    • Chimney cowls now rotate...
  5. b2 - Red Facilities Artpass

    Kit Carson
    The update to beta 2 brings the following layout changes:
    • Removed Well doors from spawn yards
    • Reworked mine-side connector to obstruct the sightline from the cave to the spawn
    • New battlements design kept from version b1c, old ladder shacks restored
    • Diagonal mid buildings adjusted slightly to work with the new battlements.
    No changes have been made to the cave in this version. Testing a variety of cave...