KotH Harter b2i

Mirrored KotH map with Dustbowl aesthetic

  1. Kit Carson

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    Harter - Dustbowl themed KotH map

    Harter is a mirror symmetry King of the Hill map detailed in the style of Dustbowl. It is primarily designed for casual play in pubs.

    The move to beta marks a relaunch for the map after coming back from a brief hiatus. As an initial beta release, the map's layout should be considered final, but minor changes are still possible should the need arise. Detail work is about 80% completed, with a 3d skybox, some out of bounds detailing and a handful of building facades still needing to be done.

    Optimization using area portals and hint/skips has been mostly completed but prop fade distance has not. Please report how the map performs during playtests through the feedback command in game or here in the thread. General feedback and bug reports are also appreciated.
  2. Kit Carson

    aa Kit Carson

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    The update to beta 2 brings the following layout changes:
    • Removed Well doors from spawn yards
    • Reworked mine-side connector to obstruct the sightline from the cave to the spawn
    • New battlements design kept from version b1c, old ladder shacks restored
    • Diagonal mid buildings adjusted slightly to work with the new battlements.

    No changes have been made to the cave in this version. Testing a variety of cave reworks will be the focus of b2 iterations in the near future.

    Artpass progress:
    • Interiors and exteriors of Red connector buildings completed
    • Red battlements and diagonal building completed
    • Red side natural environments completed
    • Added new mineshaft detail underneath central control point
    • Out of bounds buildings completed

    Current artpass roadmap:
    • b1 - Initial pass (Completed)
    • b2 - Red facilities pass (Completed)
    • b3 - Blu facilities pass (In progress)
    • b4 - Spawnrooms remake (Planned)
    • b5 - Cave pass (Tentative)
    • b6 - Skybox, soundscapes, finishing touches (Planned)

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