Harter rc1

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Harter rc1

Mirrored KotH map with Dustbowl inspired art

Harter is a mirror symmetry King of the Hill map centered around an elevated control point, taking heavy artistic inspiration from Dustbowl.

Credit to MaccyF for his Mirrored Mining Rocks.

Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated.
Kit Carson
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Release Candidate 1

    The launch to the Workshop marks RC1 Only changes in this version are to the map material files, which have been swapped from 2fort to dustbowl.
  2. Optimization Pass

    This update focuses on optimization, mainly the addition of occluders, reworks to existing areaportals and hint/skips, and the addition of fade distances to a majority of the props in the map. Bug reports and performance feedback are both...
  3. Artpass completion

    This update includes no layout changes. The spawnrooms have been remade, cave has been detailed, the 3d skybox is implemented, as well as cubemaps and soundscapes.

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it like a tf2 update