Halfpoint (OLD) Alpha 4.0

Battle for control of the Half-Way Point between RED and BLU Property!

  1. SmashWaffle
    Halfpoint is a World War II themed map that is loosely based off of The Battle of Midway, the battle that completely changed the course of World War II. In honor of this faithful event, and with the "Frontline!" team recruiting some new mappers, I thought I'd put my newfound skill to the test. After all I haven't been mapping for too long (yet). This map is flipped in the same manner that 2fort is. Each side is nearly identical, with minor differences such as different props, nothing that will change gameplay too much. So I strongly hope that you enjoy this map. Feel free to watch it. I would also appreciate it if somebody were to help me with creating this map, since I'm not exactly the best mapper out there, and we all know that collaboration can lead to a big success! But you don't have to help if you don't want to. Although, for those of you willing to help, I have a link to the files for this map right here.