Gridiron b7a

Pass the Time around the Foundry

  1. some kind of cohesive plot

    -replaced large machine things at mid with thin barriers to still provide cover but help negate soldiers dominating that area with the high ground
    -moved around speed boost pads and added a second one to both sides
    -adjusted respawn wave times
    -swapped small overtime goal to the larger goal props and included short training annotations to point them out when they become active in an attempt to help players know they exist
    -removed throw in goal closing in overtime
    -detail adjustments to use...
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  2. All Points Bulletin

    -minor detail changes to remove some custom stuff and decrease file size
  3. Jay's Bar

    -more optimization attempts
    -minor detail changes
    -increased set up time by 5 seconds
    -other stuff probably
  4. exploding acorns

    -moved around pickups at mid
    -more attempts at optimization
    -minor detail changes
    -probably some other stuff
  5. Step 1 get on the broom, Step 2 win

    -overtime now sets both teams respawn time to 10 seconds
    -reverted round time to 10 min instead of 7
    -minor detail changes
    -added 3D skybox
    -updated announcer to include overtime lines
  6. bsp

    -uploaded bsp instead of vmf file
  7. those are pretty good sounds

    -removed jump pad at mid and replaced it with a ramp
    -lit up mid more
    -some detail changes
    -few lighting changes
    -lowered cauldron's and catwalks at mid


    1. 20210805131003_1.jpg
    2. 20210805130955_1.jpg
  8. It's happening

    -overall detailing
    -optimization attempts to match detailing
    -replaced thin ramps at mid with jump pads
    -added ramp from catwalk onto upper ground at mid
    -added soundscapes
    -probably other stuff idk
  9. Come on and Slam, and welcome to the Jam

    -changed around mid to help attacking it
    -changed around right route into mid (shortest route from the forward spawn) to be more advantages for that team and possibly make routes past the forward spawn for attackers more obvious
  10. Absolutely the best yet

    -lowered round time from 10 to 7 min
    -the throw in goal now moves closer to mid during overtime, this should stop overtime from lasting a stupid long time
    -lowered respawn time for attackers when the jack is in the enemy base
    -pushed back defender spawns in their spawn room a bit
    -probably some other stuff