Gridiron rc1a

Pass the Time around the Foundry

  1. The missing bits

    -added menu photos
    -added mission briefing
    -minor detail changes
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  2. no pirate boss

    -fixed speed power up not working correctly on red
    -checked the logic to make sure it all worked as correctly as it can for this busted game mode
    -minor detail fixes
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  3. It's the same hat

    -minor detail changes
    -added push trigger to keep players out of the bonus goal
    -testing again with the run in goal being worth 2 points while the throw in is worth 1
    -probably other stuff I don't remember
  4. What's your sign baby, mine's explosive

    -changed the gradient of the coal pile it mid so sentries can't be built there
    -minor detail changes to throw in goals
    -probably other stuff
  5. somebody had a bad time in the UK

    -moved throw in goal forward
    -moved bonus goal forward a tad
    -changed around some geo at mid
    -reverted base triggers back to where they used to be
    -adjusted respawn times
  6. Tell that to his tumbler fanclub

    -pushed back base trigger
    -ammo and health adjustments
    -on score, the scoring team is now pushed back to their back spawn for 25 seconds till the jack respawns
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  7. uploaded the bsp instead of vmf

    How do I keep making this mistake?
  8. eh, what ya gonna do?

    -minor detailing
    -optimization pass
    -fixed speed pads that no one noticed where broke. No one noticed right....right....
    -changed around main mid entrance to improve optimization
  9. some kind of cohesive plot

    -replaced large machine things at mid with thin barriers to still provide cover but help negate soldiers dominating that area with the high ground
    -moved around speed boost pads and added a second one to both sides
    -adjusted respawn wave times
    -swapped small overtime goal to the larger goal props and included short training annotations to point them out when they become active in an attempt to help players know they exist
    -removed throw in goal closing in overtime
    -detail adjustments to use...
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  10. All Points Bulletin

    -minor detail changes to remove some custom stuff and decrease file size