Gridiron rc1a

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Gridiron rc1a

Pass the Time around the Foundry

Originally made for 14bit's microcontest 11, The Rule of 3's. Ended up in 5th place for the Rule of Three's major contest

Gridiron is a short-ish pass time map designed to try and make the mode play faster and be less stalematey. The shorter length with multiple routes and height variety should lead to more points on the board while also leaving defendable areas. Also features an overtime goal that only opens when overtime is activated as well as differant point valuse awarded for each goal. Throw in goal is worth 1 point, run in goal is worth 2, and bonus is worth 3.

Layout and Detailing: MegapiemanPHD
Various Vehicle props: FGD5
Passtime Signs: Kaleidescoop
Various Overlay's: Zeus
Passtime Plus content: Flurry
Metal Beams: Ravidge
First release
Last update
Pass Time

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. The missing bits

    -added menu photos -added mission briefing -minor detail changes
  2. no pirate boss

    -fixed speed power up not working correctly on red -checked the logic to make sure it all worked as correctly as it can for this busted game mode -minor detail fixes
  3. It's the same hat

    -minor detail changes -added push trigger to keep players out of the bonus goal -testing again with the run in goal being worth 2 points while the throw in is worth 1 -probably other stuff I don't remember

Latest reviews

Excellent map! I personally love it when TF2 map makers go for a smaller map size when it comes to making Pass Time maps, as the original first three felt a little bloated. This map feels the exact opposite! Just the right size for a Pass Time map, and very fun to play on too! I've played on this map with a full server quite a few times by now, and I must say that it is viewed quite positively in our community. Nice job!
This could be fun on a full server. Cant wait to test it