Green Hill A3fixed

A Sonic themed map set in Green Hill Zone

  1. Mystic Monkey
    Is it a well balanced and perfect KotH map? Well no, I cannot guarantee that to veteran TF2 players given I wanted it to appeal to Sonic fans and have a layout more familiar with them than of usual TF2 maps expected of them. I still tried to make it a decent TF2 KotH map. The water is hazardous but I tried not to make the lanes too narrow for pushing and not too linear.
    So it is a novelty map, but still plays as a small-medium sized KotH map.

    I have been working on the original map for a year, I'm uploading this on the anniversary of when I started making it. I would of finished it sooner but I wanted to make sure I set the theme with this map. Such as replacing the usual pick-ups with Sonic Adventure like item boxes.
    As the author of the map it is still not perfect but even with a year of development I still have my limits.

    (And yes, I chose the gamemode as a pun of the name of the map.)

    After exhausting all Australium supplies on their world, TFIndustries open a Star Gate to a world not their own. There they find an abundance of a metal extremely similar to Australium and of plenty supply... in the form of rings, just levitating there for the taking.

    RED siding with the Eggman Empire and BLU with Team Sonic, the teams now fight over Green Hill Zone in order to take the beryl mines underneith it.

    I put the map together and downloaded various props I needed from GMod, SFM worksops and on TF2maps, so I couldn't of finish this map without content from these people:
    Hyperchaotix- Majority of the textures and some props.
    Apoc Hedgie & RandomTBrush- For the majority of the props.
    Un petit chou-fleur- For the Green Hill props from Sonic Generations.
    Gamebun- For the Capture Point hologram.
    Spicy Apples- For the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast consoles and the jewel cases.
    >=SF=< Itauske Ryu- For Honey the Cat model used for the spawnroom calenders.
    Tumbolisu- For helping me reskin models and advising me whenever I got stuck when I started out.
    Py-bun- The crystals in the mines.

    If you're not happy with me using one of your GMod/SFM props or textures without full permission or I have used a prop without your credit please let me know.

    Item Boxes
    [​IMG] Like regular pick ups, they respond by touch. Just run over them to receive the content of the item box.
    [​IMG] The content of an item box can be broken by a ranged attack, allowing you to retrieve the content at distances.
    [​IMG] Item boxes are breakable regardless of full health or ammo. Reconsider if you really need the content of an item box.
    [​IMG] There is a half-second delay when you break an item box. (Traditional to Sonic games, but also to allow the player to cease firing before getting full ammo.)

    Instead of standard health and ammo pickups, they're replaced with Sonic Adventure like item boxes. These item boxes respawn after 10 seconds.
    Health (Restores full health)
    Ammo (Restores full ammo)

    "Special" item boxes have a unique power-up which give a temporary ability. These item boxes respawn after 20 seconds and will have a different display indicating their power.
    Invincibility (√úberCharge for 15 seconds)
    Power Sneakers (Disciplinary Action's speed boost for 15 seconds)
    Eggman Mark (Marked for Death for 15 seconds)
    Flame Shield (Fire Immunity for 15 seconds)
    Halfsies (Both medium health and ammo)

    Update (30th May 2019)
    It's been awhile since I updated this Sonic themed map. Thats because last year Steam had some sort of update where most of it's games, especially Source-engine games detested my new AMD graphics card and kept crashing. My brother spent nearly the whole year trying to fix the problem but the resolve was getting a new-new Nvidia graphics card so now I will give this map one last update before I let it be.
    Bad news- I had to reinstall my computer a few times so all my custom files are gone.
    Good news- My maps are salvagable, just have to replace and redo all the custom content.
    Better news- Able to improove on the map itself with new decorations and such.

    Anyway this will be my last update to this Sonic themed map.

    • Sonic, Tails and Dr. Eggman in spawnrooms are now animated.
    • Removed the Egg-mobile and Tornado. Replaced them with a brush-based pictures of the Eggwalker and Cyclone. (Until I can find models for props.)
    • Classic springs are replaced with modern springs. You don't need to jump on them, just walk into them and they will propel you upwards.
      • The springs near spawns are "wide springs". They work the same as the regular springs, just wider to allow traffic.
      • No longer able to put sentries, dispensers or teleporters in the springs.
    • Item Boxes are now actual models and no longer brush-made func_detail props.
      • No longer get stuck in item boxes when they respawn. (At least most of the time.)
      • "Special" Item Boxes no longer have the random "?" display icon, instead they now have a have display icon for each power-up that indicate which power-up you'll get when they're hit.
      • For Special item boxes, removed full health and ammo from the random outcomes. Added "Halfsies" to replace the both of them with and give the other power-ups more chance to spawn.
    • Remade the posters, fall signs and game cases due to the original files being lost.
    • The walls in spawn rooms have twice as many squares, just to give that Sonic-vibe feels.
    • The Chaos Cola/Soda posters are replaced with '90s vending machines advertising the fictional beverage.
    • The ladder propped on the small cliff for access is entirely replaced with a propper hill. This is to allow more ease of access. Added a fence near it as well to prevent accidentally falling into the water when running down it.
    • Skybox redone to look more like Green Hill Zone from the games. Made to look more natural and rugged than just plain brushes.
    • The waterfall on the BLU side redesigned to look more natural.
    • Added an alcove to the left-side of the teams hill. This is to provide some cover for close-quarter fights in the area and for the ammo item box to be tucked away from direct sight.
    • Archways added near the control point to provide some protection from the battlements.
    • Replaced some inconsistant brushes that were warping everytime I loaded Hammer. Fixed some of the textures.
    • Added "You're on your way to..." photos that show up on the TF2 blackboard.

    While I don't plan to continue working on koth_green_hill, I will update it if these things become available for me:
    • I would really like models of the Eggwalker and Cyclone from Sonic Adventure 2 as props, preferably without their pilots. I've always wanted them as props next to the Engineers truck but I never seen any GMod, SFM or any other modding sites I know of that have the models I need. The Models Resource do have SA2 models as well as the Cyclone, just not the Eggwalker. For now brush-based pictures will be located there for the time being.
    • Due to a lack of Sega Saturn textures and downloadable models, couldn't get the original archways from Sonic Jam. Had to make do from scratch. Would like to replace those archways with ripped models from Sonic Jam someday, or the very least get the original textures and remake the models myself. (They're low-poly, it won't be difficult for me.)
    • When you get the Power Sneakers power-up, you get the "Disciplinary Action" boost in speed. Much rather replace it with Mannpower's "Agility" powerup. While it does provide extended jumping, not extended speed.
    • The Dreamcast jewel cases have this black plastic strip on the cases that are suppose to be white, but I cannot recolour them no matter my efforts messing with the texture files.
    • Flame throwers and throwing weapons can't pop item boxes.


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