Green Hill A2

A Sonic themed map set in Green Hill Zone

  1. Mystic Monkey
    Is it a well balanced and perfect KotH map? Well no, I cannot guarantee that to veteran TF2 players given I wanted it to appeal to Sonic fans and have a layout more familiar with them than of usual TF2 maps expected of them. I still tried to make it a decent TF2 KotH map. The water is hazardous but I tried not to make the lanes too narrow for pushing and not too linear.
    So it is a novelty map, but still plays as a KotH map.

    I have been working on this map for a year, I'm uploading this on the anniversary of when I started making it. I would of finished it sooner but I wanted to make sure I set the theme with this map. Such as replacing the usual pick-ups with Sonic Adventure like item boxes.
    I also wanted to animate the NPC models in spawn but I did not know how to do that, it's beyond me. So pardon those characters in ragdoll-scarecrow possition. As the author of the map it is still not perfect but even with a year of development I still have my limits.

    After exhausting all Australium supplies on their world, TFIndustries open a Star Gate to a world not their own. There they find an abundance of a metal extremely similar to Australium and of plenty supply... in the form of rings, just levitating there for the taking.

    RED siding with the Eggman Empire and BLU with Team Sonic, the teams now fight for Green Hill Zone in order to take the beryl mines.

    I put the map together and downloaded various props I needed from GMod, so I couldn't of finish this map without content from these people:
    Hyperchaotix- Majority of the textures and some props.
    Apoc Hedgie & RandomTBrush- For the majority of the props.
    Un petit chou-fleur- For the Green Hill props from Sonic Generations.
    Suroguner- The springs which are animated.
    Gamebun- For the Capture Point hologram.
    Spicy Apples- For the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast consoles.
    HTML_Earth- Originally made the "BluStation" jewelcases that I reskinned as Dreamcast cases.
    >=SF=< Itauske Ryu- For Honey the Cat model used in the spawnroom calenders.
    Tumbolisu- For helping me reskin models and advising me whenever I got stuck when I started out.
    Py-bun- The crystals in the mines.
    If you're not happy with me using one of your GMod/SFM props or textures without full permission or I have used a prop without your credit please let me know.

    Item Boxes
    Instead of standard health and ammo pickups, they're replaced with Sonic Adventure like item boxes.
    (!)Like regular pick ups, they respond (break) by touch. Just run over them to break and recieve the content of the item box.
    (+)The content of an item box can be broken by a ranged attack, allowing you to retrieve the content at distances.
    (-)Item boxes are breakable regardless of full health or ammo. Reconsider if you really need the content of an item box.
    (-)There is a half-second delay when you break an item box. (Traditional to Sonic games, but also to allow the player to cease firing before getting full ammo.)
    • Health (Restores full health) Respawns after 10 seconds.
    • Ammo (Restores full ammo) Respawns after 10 seconds.
    • Random (Bestows a random power up) Respawns after 20 seconds.
      • Invincibility (√úberCharge for 15 seconds)
      • Power Sneakers (Disciplinary Action for 15 seconds)
      • Eggman Mark (Marked for Death for 15 seconds)
      • Flame Shield (Fire Immunity for 15 seconds)
      • Health (Restores full health)
      • Ammo (Restores full ammo)

    Bugs and issues
    • Can't figure out how to apply custom animations to the NPC models in spawn. For now they're stuck in ragdoll-scarecrow pose.
    • You can get stuck in item boxes when the capsules respawn. To free yourself, attack the base of the item box. Other than that should be harmless.
    • For some reason, flame throwers can't pop all item boxes, other than certain ammo and random boxes. However flare guns still work.


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