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Cabin 2015-12-04

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Cabin 2015-12-04

My first map, Smissmas map

My first ever map for Smissmas! Full of novice mistakes and amateure layout! And because of that I won't be submitting this to Steam Workshop or Wonderland contest because I'm well aware of how shoddy it is. Sure I could of came online and asked for help, but I really wanted to see if I can do it by myself than just ask every time, which is why I mostly turned to YouTube and VDC for help.

I really wanted it it be a "Deliver the Flag" map given Smissmas is a time for giving, but best I can do is switch flag and capture points around.

When I first planned this map, I wanted it to have three things:
  1. Set in winter (Snowy and/or late evening setting.)
  2. Deliver the Flag (But since no such game mode, it's simply Reverse Capture the Flag.)
  3. Chimneys being an access to and from Intel Point, since thats what the big man of Christmas would do.
I know map making wise it's messy, but I'm still proud of the acomplishment given I tried to make it all by myself. Maybe next year when I have more experiance at map making I'll make a polished, more pro version of it. Until then I hope some community servers will enjoy my map for Smissmas.

  • The Woods: Center of the map where most of the fighting takes place. A large medkit in the center to encourage dispute.
  • The Crates: Shipping crates and Mann Co. boxes laid about in make shift defence and battlements.
  • The Forest: The path around the bases towards the cabins. Another shipment crate located out there.
  • The Cabins: Where the teams prepare presents for one another (Flag room). Possible to access them either from the from entrance or if you got good balance and got the baubles can access the roof by the battlements.
The chimneys have zero gravity making them both an entrance and the fireplace an exit. Inside and just infront of the fireplace is a no-build zone for Engineers, but they can still set up around the fireplace. (This is so they can't fully block the chimney to allies, but can still leave a nasty suprise for enemies.)

An experianced map maker once told me that literal skyboxing is bad, but for some reason I couldn't get the map to function without encasing it. I know most map makers used seperate 3D Skyboxes, but given it's my first ever map and what I had in mind I didn't really feel the need for one.

Also, for some reason, couldn't set 'env_soundscape', though following YouTube tutorials I'm positive I did it right, but didn't seem to work.

Oh yeah, because I dunno how to make custom models or find a suitable model to replace the flags with, I used the Halloween Gift boxes for Intelligence. They look silly to carry but make the deliver more noticable.

Health: 1 large, 2 medium, 2 small
Ammo: 2 medium, 2 small
Credits due to Rexy for the Christmas pickup models.
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