Graviton a6

Compact & vertical 2 stage A/D originally made for the "Hit the Limits" microcontest

  1. Alpha 6

    Implemented some tweaks I was considering, pushed by the last playtest reinforcing some of my thoughts.

    Shifted blue lower spawn to the side to avoid a sightline.
    With left side being more accessable, one of the routes to B are now locked until A is captured to prevent blu wandering past.
    Added a route to the left outside of blu spawn, leading into the building on the left's lowground.
    The original idea for these buildings and their relationship to the main point worked just as...
  2. haha whoops

    forgot to enable clipping.
    also used the opportunity to make a couple tweaks to clipping and buildings, added a boiler to the building on red's side of b next to the dropdown
    also divided up the stages a bit more with skybox brushes to optimize
  3. Alpha 5, tweaks

    Pretty satisfied with stage 3 for the time being, restricted play to just stage 2 for the time being.

    Ground over most of the area is now displacement.
    Changed fences outside blue spawn to grating for visual clarity
    Added another pipe over the large pipe just outside blu spawn to block sightlines without the fence.
    Placed objects onto and raised a roof to help clarify it's inaccessible.
    Added lines to show the capture zone of the point, as well as adding a hanging sign and other small...
  4. Stage 2 tweaks

    Stage 2 of the intended 3, one yet to be built will go before this, to clarify.

    Tweaked chickenwire blockers above the point to provide a bit more cover to the main defensive location.
    Opened half the area behind the fence behind the point.
    Closed some windows in the back of the area and opened a single one instead.
    Adjusted cover in the transition between 2-A & 2-B.
    Gave red a more direct spawn exit towards the point instead of a shortcut.
    Changed respawn times:
    RED: 8 seconds > 5...
  5. Clipping and bugfixes

    Messed up the logic and forgot to clip some areas
  6. Stage 2

    Added another 3 point stage, before the current stage
    Adjusted lower lobby on 2B, edges to platforms, and various objects to prevent cheeky sniper peeks
  7. Graviton A2

    A changes:
    Widened A drastically
    Added a terrain slope up the far side
    Another exit for the blu spawn's shack, on the opposite side of the current ground exit.
    Changed the tower to a building, with an inside
    Full health kit on the tower turned into a medium health & ammo, with a small health & ammo inside the building.
    Added upper spawn exit for blu after A is capped

    B changes:
    Moved back the upper medium health & ammo into the boiler room
    Added a little bit of cover around, mostly on red...
  8. Post-gameday tweaks

    A changes:
    Removed the under the stairs blu spawn exit & tweaked the building it's in, replaced the main ramp up to the point with a prop climb, moved the point towards the red side of the bridge and added some fence blockades.

    B changes:
    Changed ringbert to use func_catapults depending on spin speed, deal less damage, and added impact sounds
    Increased amount of pickups on the upper route
    Added another step to the pipe climb over the full health to make it easier to scale.

    Moved the...
  9. tiny little fix

    I forgot some nobuilds.