Graviton a6

Compact & vertical 2 stage A/D originally made for the "Hit the Limits" microcontest

  1. Alpha 6

    Implemented some tweaks I was considering, pushed by the last playtest reinforcing some of my thoughts.

    Shifted blue lower spawn to the side to avoid a sightline.
    With left side being more accessable, one of the routes to B are now locked until A is captured to prevent blu wandering past.
    Added a route to the left outside of blu spawn, leading into the building on the left's lowground.
    The original idea for these buildings and their relationship to the main point worked just as intended, acting as a disconnected defensive bunker, but unfortunately proved too strong in that. Adding a blu-facing route into it breaks that style of defense with it, but i'm not really sure how it'll work out.

    Adjusted blu-facing half of red's highground, extending the fence and adding a hanging balcony to clarify itself as a blu route and block some sightlines.
    The doorway between C and the one-way has been changed into a dropdown.
    Changed cap time from 10 to 11 seconds.
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