Gravel Pile a11

Like plr_gravel, but better

  1. At least mid seems to be good

    +Widened the cart tunnel into last
    +Added more arrows to aid navigation
    =Pushed the gas tank back a bit to give both teams more space, it is still possible to use it to get from spawn to attacker's battlements
    =Fixed some sightlines around the cart start and changed route from spawn to the cart
    -Removed most of the fence outside of spawn
  2. Pipeless

    +Added a ramp leading onto the pipes at last
    +Added a ledge infront of the barricaded door on last
    +Made the small ammo kit in the building outside of spawn medium
    -Made the health kit near spawn small
    -Removed the random fence next to the gas tank
    -Removed the medium ammo kit in the building outside of spawn
    =Replaced the pipe tunnel with a square one
  3. Mid rework

    =Made mid larger and the tracks longer
    =Added area portals
    =Fixed some absurd sightlines in and around mid
  4. Rework

    Reworked the whole map, made it a bit more like valve payload race maps
  5. RIP Stage 2

    -Removed second stage, the map is basically a5 first stage
    -Moved the cart start positions forward to the bottom of the large ramp, should help speed up the start of the round
    -Added a 10 minute round timer, after 10 minutes the game goes into sudden death
  6. If the payloads don't work I'll just make this a single stage race gdi

    See title. I should have fixed the payload for stage 2 but if they still don't work I'm going to just not bother and make this a single stage map
  7. Moody payloads

    -After a quick talk with them, the carts are now motivated to blow up again and move when they should
    -Made the area around mid a little less cramped (just a little so far)
    Known issue: The payloads don't want to face the right direction until they near the second turn (I don't know what is happening either)
  8. Second Stage

    -Increased ceiling height above deathpit in stage 1 to make explosive jumps around the wall easier
    -Added crossbars to the windows to make them look more like windows and not doorways
    -Changed the texture of the windows to make them a bit more obvious
    -Added stage 2
    Known issue: Payload carts not orientated correctly after transitioning
    Known issue: A player must join a team for the carts to move to the correct position
  9. Less sightlines

    -Messed around with mid, should help with sight lines
    -Added more directional arrows and signs around the outer flanks and along the tracks
  10. Curseless update

    -Added packs around the inner flanks near the point
    -Added health packs to the long upper flank
    -Replaced the large healthkit close to the track with the small ammo pack
    -Removed packs right outside each spawn
    -Fixed area portal leaks (I think they didn't show up in single player in a2)
    -With the help of a pair of old nuns, the curse on the spawn points has been lifted. You will no longer spawn in the enemies spawn