gd_rodense A6

Destroy the enemy robots to claim victory

  1. Heads up the Huds up - A6

    -New hud experiment
    • Using the robot destruction hud
    • Side effect of capture points being missing, instead the spotlights around the robot show current ownership
    • Getting the cp hud back up is top priority right now, but I want to see how a different hud played out
    -Trap and Bot Updates
    • Fire traps reduced to only 1 flame
    • Removed lower mid route laser traps
    • Removed Saws in side routes
    • Removed some fire traps, moved others back a bit
    • Flame bot has...
  2. Quick Fix

    not the weapon
    -robots should now add time when destroyed
  3. Overhaul

    Welcome back, after a small hiatus to figure out where I wanted to go with the map, rodense is back with a completely new layout and some new features.

    -Completely New Layout

    The new layout was made from scratch and aims to keep some of the good ideas in a4, while removing as much fluff as I possibly could. Travel time between the robots should be quick and battles should be much more concentrated with a constant tug of war. Of course we'll see how things actualyl go in playtesting....
  4. What was noise?

    The sound of progress my friend.

    -new announcer lines

    This includes a warning to defend youre reactor when its exposed, and a celeberation when a robot is destroyed, making it clearer when progress is made

    -new music to announce robot entries

    Whats the good of giant robots without their own robotic themes? These add a nice feel to the map and can be used to identiyfy which bot is coming up.

    -additional tutorial information

    Now shows what the hud icons represent, and shows you exactly...
  5. Lighting

    Changed lighting and skybox to make the place less ugly
  6. I will make you like this mode

    -Mid has been completely redone to make it smaller and less important (I hope)
    -Generators now use a different entity (bye func breakable) making it clear when you are doing damage
    -Current Bot hud now persists between deaths
    -New visual scoreboard around the map, showing which bots are left to be destroyed
    -spawn room doors should feel better
    -New prop for generator
    -Timer works
    -Respawns should be fixed
    -Removed a dumb slope
    -(hopefully) fixed ghost doors persisting after robot death
  7. god damnit

    fixed the infinite setup timer
  8. Packing

    -Packed missing textures
    -Added instruction texture at spawn
  9. Shorter and Quicker

    -Cap times are faster
    -Spawn times all around are lowered
    -Robot cores now have less health, from (1000,1500,2000) to (500,750,1000)

    These changes are to make attacking the robot less of a chore, and generally speed up gameplay / match length

    -added a 10 minute timer
    -Less confusing annoucer spam

    Self explanatory

    -Robot cores are now exposed on 2 sides for easier attacking
    -Robot Cores now glow, should help direct players what to shoot at

    These two changes should make the core the...