gd_rodense A6

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-New hud experiment
  • Using the robot destruction hud
  • Side effect of capture points being missing, instead the spotlights around the robot show current ownership
  • Getting the cp hud back up is top priority right now, but I want to see how a different hud played out
-Trap and Bot Updates
  • Fire traps reduced to only 1 flame
  • Removed lower mid route laser traps
  • Removed Saws in side routes
  • Removed some fire traps, moved others back a bit
  • Flame bot has been reduced down to 4 flames, firing out diagonally
  • Blue cores appear blue now
-Updated Current Bot Type Signs
-Updated Instructions
  • Instructions display clearly at all texture qualities
  • Instructions are spray proof
-New spawn exit
-Mvm music is gone, no clue if its coming back
-Added cover to the far off side buildings
  • That room is a necessary evil, ill keep trying to make it a viable route
-Health and Ammo
  • Added more health to side route
  • Added some health on upper around the bot
  • Fixed some ammo not being mirrored on blu side
  • Changed kit in upper mid from ammo to health
  • Changed small kits in outer mid from health to ammo
  • Patches under health and ammo (I hope)
-Clipped a few walls
  • Im sure I missed most of them, keep reporting them
not the weapon
-robots should now add time when destroyed
Welcome back, after a small hiatus to figure out where I wanted to go with the map, rodense is back with a completely new layout and some new features.

-Completely New Layout

The new layout was made from scratch and aims to keep some of the good ideas in a4, while removing as much fluff as I possibly could. Travel time between the robots should be quick and battles should be much more concentrated with a constant tug of war. Of course we'll see how things actualyl go in playtesting.

-Cover ontop of robots with visisible point model
  • Saw Bot: Saws all around the map are active and ready to chop you into bits
  • Laser Bot: Laser walls will instantly kill those not careful of their surroundings. Pyros rejoice
  • Flame Bot: Firewalls are placed around the map and periodically burn anything infront of them, time your passing carefully.
-New map theme, much rainier
-Signs now only show the current active robot type, and current active trap type
-Reduced size of robot explosion

So whats next?
-Rebuild the hud
-Polish Polish Polish
-Sound effects for traps and such
-Custom announcer sounds
-Better and more devious traps


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The sound of progress my friend.

-new announcer lines

This includes a warning to defend youre reactor when its exposed, and a celeberation when a robot is destroyed, making it clearer when progress is made

-new music to announce robot entries

Whats the good of giant robots without their own robotic themes? These add a nice feel to the map and can be used to identiyfy which bot is coming up.

-additional tutorial information

Now shows what the hud icons represent, and shows you exactly what you need to shoot. Hopefully people understand the mode now

-some textures to feel out a theme
-raised skybox
-hopefully fixed the blue core spinning into the cosmos and dooming red team forever
Changed lighting and skybox to make the place less ugly
-Mid has been completely redone to make it smaller and less important (I hope)
-Generators now use a different entity (bye func breakable) making it clear when you are doing damage
-Current Bot hud now persists between deaths
-New visual scoreboard around the map, showing which bots are left to be destroyed
-spawn room doors should feel better
-New prop for generator
-Timer works
-Respawns should be fixed
-Removed a dumb slope
-(hopefully) fixed ghost doors persisting after robot death
fixed the infinite setup timer
-Packed missing textures
-Added instruction texture at spawn
-Cap times are faster
-Spawn times all around are lowered
-Robot cores now have less health, from (1000,1500,2000) to (500,750,1000)

These changes are to make attacking the robot less of a chore, and generally speed up gameplay / match length

-added a 10 minute timer
-Less confusing annoucer spam

Self explanatory

-Robot cores are now exposed on 2 sides for easier attacking
-Robot Cores now glow, should help direct players what to shoot at

These two changes should make the core the obvious weakpoint and help direct players on what to, where to go. The second door was added so you dont waste time trying to find the opening.

-Redid side mid buildings
-Added new tunnel inside the side mid buildings
-Removed walls on mid platform
-Shortened and squished mid a bunch

Mid wasn't supposed to be a really big part of the map, just a way to connect the two areas and have small skirmishes. These changes should make travel quicker between the two areas, but might hit the optimization pretty hard.



New Side building

Squished mid + Open mid platform

Cores now glow to help people understand that they should be shooting them

-Fix current bot counter disappearing
-Add 'defenses' based on current bot
-Announcer Lines
-Quick explanation texture in spawn