gd_rodense A6

Destroy the enemy robots to claim victory

  1. Overhaul

    Welcome back, after a small hiatus to figure out where I wanted to go with the map, rodense is back with a completely new layout and some new features.

    -Completely New Layout

    The new layout was made from scratch and aims to keep some of the good ideas in a4, while removing as much fluff as I possibly could. Travel time between the robots should be quick and battles should be much more concentrated with a constant tug of war. Of course we'll see how things actualyl go in playtesting.

    -Cover ontop of robots with visisible point model
    • Saw Bot: Saws all around the map are active and ready to chop you into bits
    • Laser Bot: Laser walls will instantly kill those not careful of their surroundings. Pyros rejoice
    • Flame Bot: Firewalls are placed around the map and periodically burn anything infront of them, time your passing carefully.
    -New map theme, much rainier
    -Signs now only show the current active robot type, and current active trap type
    -Reduced size of robot explosion

    So whats next?
    -Rebuild the hud
    -Polish Polish Polish
    -Sound effects for traps and such
    -Custom announcer sounds
    -Better and more devious traps


    1. rodense_a5_1.jpg
    2. rodense_a5_2.jpg
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    4. rodense_a5_4.jpg
    5. rodense_a5_5.jpg
    6. rodense_a5_6.jpg
    7. rodense_a5_flame.jpg
    8. rodense_a5_flamebot.jpg
    9. rodense_a5_laser.jpg
    10. rodense_a5_laserbot.jpg
    11. rodense_a5_saw.jpg
    12. rodense_a5_sawbot.jpg
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