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Gauge A2: Fuge Huckin Changelog

Gravelpit-styled A/d with some trains

  1. Mâché
    A map idea I had a week or two ago. It's the traditional A + b > C formula (not the weird thing I did the last time I tried something like this), but capping points in different orders actually matters.

    Capping A (Bridge) first causes a train carrying missiles to go from A to B, allowing players to ride the train across the map for some surprise factor when trying to then take on B. Similarly, capping B (Hopper) first causes a different train carrying boxcars from B to A, allowing for similar surprise assaults while assisting players trying to get onto the bridge itself.

    Once both A and B are capped, trains no longer spawn, some doors open, spawns and spawn times change a bit, and C is ready for the taking!

    20181024173758_1.jpg 20181024173921_1.jpg 20181024174030_1.jpg 20181024174014_1.jpg 20181024173947_1.jpg 20181024173842_1.jpg 20181024174050_1.jpg 20181024174119_1.jpg 20181024174321_1.jpg 20181024174133_1.jpg 20181024174616_1.jpg

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