Garden A8

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First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Changed up last spawn

    A8 for Highlander Gameday Changes: Redesign last spawns, changed entrances so they don't have a direct view to the point Fixed visual error on forward spawns Hopefully fixed last spawns not having enough player spawn points Future changes...
  2. Changed lobby size/geo and created new forward spawns.

    A7 Changes: Increased lobby length by 144u, moved health/ammo to promote better fights Added grate in upper lobby to increase visibility throughout Added ramp to connect the lower lobby to the further route Removed doorways to improve visibility...
  3. Expanding last and mid in time for the gameday.

    A6 in time for the gameday. Changes: Increased spawntimes by 1 sec, currently back to default 10 seconds Increased distance from last point to spawn by 320u Add geometry to widen last and give height advantage to the edges of the arena Widened...