ibex2021 a3

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ibex2021 a3

3s contest entry

Red takes over some sort of abandoned WW2 bunker in the alps. Blu blows it up.
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Contest Update #1

    Test thoughts: Lost of tests happened; some bad, some good. Not seeing much in the way of red success, and B still wasn't satisfying. Red's defense of C depended on forward holding on the choke right after B most of the time. Anyway, was getting...
  2. Figured I should get in one last attempt before the 48hrs are up

    Test thoughts: Two decent rounds and one completely unbalanced at the end. B still wasn't able to get a good on-point defense. C point itself is still not satisfying really, but when have I ever made a good last. I need to make more substantial...
  3. Minor fixes, attempting to make B more defendable

    Test thoughts: Got 2 rounds, with Blu winning both. I'll probably need to adjust C more into Red's favor, but for now I've focused on making A and B more defendable. A2: Clipped Lakeside crates Pushed A back 128u Had to add about 48u to the...