Galleria rc3

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Galleria rc3

Peak consumerism

A player destruction reimaging of Nucleus

C'mon down to the Teufort Galleria and check out our great Smissmas Festivities! A wonderland of shopping pleasure is open every day from 9am to 9pm!

Collect "Gifts" from your fellow shoppers and deliver them underneath the "Tree" in the center!
First release
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Player Destruction

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Latest updates

  1. rc3

    Added some ads Added area portal windows to some shops Added clothes mannequins Fixed many no draw issues Added Joke VO lines in between cap opening
  2. pd_galleria_rc2

    pd_galleria_rc2 Added a few more wall decorations Added some mappers easter eggs HDR lighting pass and compile Mannequins now have clothing Optimized file sizes Tree shook assets Clipping fixes Added more OOB detailing to Blu loading dock
  3. We done

    pd_galleria_rc1 Added car dealership posters Improved spectator camera things Fixed texture alignments Fixed some compile errors Some clipping Added paintings Removed collision on food props Less shiney floors Added shops and signs to upper OOB...