Galleria rc3

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  • Added some ads
  • Added area portal windows to some shops
  • Added clothes mannequins
  • Fixed many no draw issues
  • Added Joke VO lines in between cap opening


  • Added a few more wall decorations
  • Added some mappers easter eggs
  • HDR lighting pass and compile
  • Mannequins now have clothing
  • Optimized file sizes
  • Tree shook assets
  • Clipping fixes
  • Added more OOB detailing to Blu loading dock


  • Added car dealership posters
  • Improved spectator camera things
  • Fixed texture alignments
  • Fixed some compile errors
  • Some clipping
  • Added paintings
  • Removed collision on food props
  • Less shiney floors
  • Added shops and signs to upper OOB balcony area
  • Replaced tinsile with garlands and lights
  • More smissmas decorations
  • More effects to finale sim
  • Fixed movie poster borders
  • Replaced firetruck with new version
  • Remodeled awning in front of Conquistador
  • Lots of prop fades
  • Added additional AP to BLU loading zone
  • Added additional APs on exterior shops
  • Added finished control panel
  • Reduced opacity/cubemap strength on the roof dome
  • The rocket now breaks the center dome glass
  • The door now closes shortly after the ice resurfacer exits the garage
  • Added sparks to the finale


  • Added car dealership posters
  • Improved spectator camera things
  • Fixed texture alignments
  • Fixed some compile errors
  • Some clipping
  • Added more OOB detailing
  • First pass of detailing rocket launch control room
General Changes
  • New lighting pass
  • Cubemap pass
  • Ice resurfacer kill icon added (not implemented in map)
  • Fix clipping of one of the escalator models
  • Update LODs and phys for clothing models
  • Finale effects
  • Soundscapes
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed being able to build in Red spawn
  • Fixed dupe brushes causing z-fighting
  • Fixed z-fighting on areaportal window near red
  • Added menu to Conquistador
  • Fixed nodraw seams in cinema near escalators
  • Fixed menu material for use on brush faces instead of decals
  • Added payload vscript logic so zamboni cant get stuck any more
  • Removed collision on some props near blue spawn loading bay
  • Changed props_diner tables, milkshakes, fries and burgers to use the mall specific ones
  • Fixed areaportal window near red spawn
  • Fixed intercom in ticket booth clipping into other props
  • Fixed the black walls where the elevator shafts are by remaking the brushes altogether
  • Clipping added to the upper balconys above the cinema
  • Added info_observer_points
  • Added signs outside blue and red spawns to help identify them better
  • Updated kisok map to be more accurate and show new shops
  • Updated crummys facade to have higher res and more vibrance
  • All major details are completed
  • First optimization pass completed
  • Lowered the second floor into playable space
  • First optmization pass
  • More art
  • 3d Skybox added
  • Improved track train for zamboni machine
  • Added cinema facade blockout
  • Blockout elevator bays in mid
  • Signs for Red Bread, Crummys, Barneys, Carmack, and Conquistador
  • Lots of clipping and alignments
  • Optimized Bookshelves


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