Furnace a9

An ultiduo map centered around a massive australium furnace. Things are heating up!

  1. holy cow its not all dev textures!

    Spend a little bit making all the changes to the map. Beginning to think that this map is reaching the end of alpha. Or maybe not, who knows!

    Major Changes Include:

    - The bridge, point platform, and the high ground by the lower spawns have all had their height reduced to make combat a bit less spam-ey and also give the map a more coherent feel (you can see more of the map at once and don't have to aim at the sun to direct hit someone on high ground)

    - Lowered the height and radius of the...
  2. Who evens likes water anyway, this post was made by the ramp gang

    I had tried out water in the map in the last two versions, and it made it really easy to high bomb and get away with it, so I decided to just remove the water completely (and maybe save the idea for a future map). I also decided to keep the lower spawn door facing to the side since it felt a little better than being visible immediately out of spawn.

    Change in this update include:

    - Spawn room changes to change the layout, decrease the thickness of some wall to make it more spacious, and...
  3. Liquid Jumping Mechanics: Part B

    Part two: electric boogaloo of me adding water to an ultiduo map. The main problem with water in ultiduo is that not only it provides height with massive jumps, but it also gets rid of fall damage. This version allows for both massive jumps and no fall damage, but with a twist.

    - Reoriented the lower spawn door on both sides to come out of the side of the building instead of the front
    - Lowered the ground outside the lower spawn door so water could be added.

    My main goal with...
  4. Liquid Jumping Mechanics: Part A

    Yeah, I added water to an ultiduo map, what about it? Seriously though, I am trying out using water in this map to alleviate the problem of not being able to jump high enough onto point without just getting denied. Hopefully it will help with that.
    I have another version coming out that I think will make this idea work better though, so keep an eye out for that one!

    Changes in this update:
    -Added water in front of both lower spawn doors to make it so Soldiers are able to jump higher from...
  5. Its was the Cap of Times, it was the Spawn of Times

    Cap times and spawn times were too long so I fixed that. That's all this update is.

    - Changes Cap Time 18s >10s
    - Changed Spawn times to be 2 times faster than previous versions
  6. Stairs?! With Lower Floor?!?!

    This update brings some changes to the original layout from version a4b, but also includes some brand new stuff.

    Changes Include:
    - Widened the map by 64 units and lengthened it by 128 units
    - Added a lower ground area to under point so you don't bonk your head
    - Added a small health kit under point to incentivize not standing on point the whole game
    - Added some brand new stairs in the middle of bridge so you aren't stranded once falling off
    - Removed collisions from all door frames


    1. furnace a5 pic 1.png
    2. furnace a5 pic 2.png
    3. furnace a5 pic 3.png
    4. furnace a5 pic 4.png
  7. The Rotation Sensation Update

    This version of the map is one I made mostly for fun. It changes the layout of the map from being a mirrored symmetry to a rotational symmetry. Along with this massive change, there is a few smaller version changes that make the map play a little better.

    The Changes include:
    - Removing collision on all door frames (begone movement impairment!)
    - Lowered the floor underneath point so you stop bumping your head on the roof
    - Added small health kits to either side under the walls blocking the...
  8. Major Layout Change

    - Complete rework of the platform near and under point
    - Reduced the height of the bridge and connecting geometry
    - Added walls that block off vision of the bridge side spawn doors
    - Reworked the spawn so that player spawn an even distance from either door
    - Changed the size of the door opening trigger to make it harder to spam from spawn
    - Moved the resupply cabinet further away from spawn doors making it more difficult to spam from inside spawn
    - Added new lighting to brighten up...
  9. Alpha 3. Changed the layout of the map

    - Adjusted the height of the platform under the point to be lower
    - Removed the triggers inside of the health pack rooms so they won't close after entering them once
    - Removed the wall blocking vision from the point on either sides upper spawn door
    - Changed the position of the ramps leading down from the upper spawn doors
    - Added a bridge connecting the two upper spawn doors
    - Widened the map, which includes spawn rooms and the upper spawn doors