Furnace b2

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Furnace b2

Things are heating up!

An ultiduo map centered around a large furnace.
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. Artpass 2

    It's been a little while since I released the last version. I was not happy with how fast I did the last artpass and wanted to really blow it out of the water with this one! Its still not finished, but its a LOT better than the last version. Hope...
  2. Artpass 1

    Finally moving the map into beta with my first artpass of the map! I'm new to texturing maps, so hopefully it looks good to someone other than me. Not everything I wanted done got done (team buildings not being copy/paste, 3d skybox, etc) due to...
  3. holy cow its not all dev textures!

    Spend a little bit making all the changes to the map. Beginning to think that this map is reaching the end of alpha. Or maybe not, who knows! Major Changes Include: - The bridge, point platform, and the high ground by the lower spawns have all...