Frosty rc1

Beta 3 of capture the flag Frosty

  1. 3Dnj
    Ctf_frosty is a "classic" capture the flag map (2 flags, 3 points to win) still under development. It takes place in a frozen landscape and provide several chokepoints and different possibilities to pass through the middle battleground.

    Expect some framerate, gameplay and clipping issue because the map is still in development. So feedbacks are appreciated and I will certainly take them in consideration.

    Have fun !

    Most custom content by Em' and myself.

    Thanks for extra custom content :
    - Rexy (forklift)
    - Construction pack (bulldozer)

    20180704185714_1.jpg 20180704185725_1.jpg 20180704185808_1.jpg 20180704185929_1.jpg 20180704185757_1.jpg 20180704185839_1.jpg 20180704185911_1.jpg 20180704185825_1.jpg

    Things that still need to be done :

    - Some visual polish mostly on the BLU side.
    - Some clippping is needed yet (didn't made the final pass)
    - Maybe some work will be done about snow on wall materials.

    About the Framerate :

    - It's far from be the best optimised map but I was expecting worse. Still some area are really drawn from far and I want to try to use the far z clip. Unfortunatly the middle area is too wide for this and need massive rework.

    - I reworked most of my area portal and I closed of a bit the sky. Good jumper will probably notice massive clipping while in the air. I will see if this is a really anoying issue.

    - Massive rework of fade distance will be made.

    - Probably a lot of func_detail will be change into models depending of the framerate issue.

    - At the end I will probably reduce the amounto of detail if it's too bad.

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  1. Updated to a release candidate version

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  1. Krazy
    Version: rc1
    This is a fucking beautiful map