Forwardspawn doors v2

but a bit better

  1. I dinne ken

    Here's the perhaps overcomplicated version of forward-spawn doors that I use in my maps. The main benefits of which are that the respawnroomvisualisers don't render and the areaportals shut when the spawns aren't used.

    It may be a little bit of effort to plug it into your current logic since the naming schemes are very particular. But I've added 3 relays for each door, one for each state so the inputs themselves shouldn't be hard.

    These are the best doors around for this purpose, I haven't seen them done better by anyone else. The only thing I can think of that could be improved is that there's a little bit of a delay on the visualisers beginning to render and the signs changing to the right skin. Thankfully it only occurs when switching from blue-red or vice versa (something that is unlikely to be done).

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