FloodRush A4

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Change list:
- Changed the layout of mid around, flipping the control point building so the control point sits nearer to the waterfall
- Added ways up from the point to the cave exits on either side of the point
- Replaced the full health kit with a medium health kit
- Altered the various cover on either side of the control point building
- Fixed the doors on the bottom floor of each team's building popping up and blocking off the top floor doorway
- Added some more bits of detail, changing the ground texture to more sensible ground instead of paper

I am most likely going to be halting work on this map as i work on a different map for the Dynamic Control Point contest
Change list:
- Added some paths to give non-mobility classes an easier time, as well as a little bit of cover around the point
- Started adding in a little bit of detail
Change list:
- Redesigned spawns, lowering them and pushing them closer to the point
- Rearranged side paths, reducing their size and length, and changed to hopefully lead the player more towards the point
- Added an obvious direct route towards the point, instead of the weird crap i had before


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