Flaw A4

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Flaw A4

Ravine on another planet with 1/4 of Earth gravity.

Here, on the planet ████ we have halfed the gravity!
And then halfed it again!
After that we took a look on another mannpower maps and laughed. They have deathpits AND grappling hooks. Ridiculous!
So we switched a hole concept. Now we have death-all-that-not-a-pit!
Do you want to get out of ravine and sunbathe? BAM! Burns At you, Maggot. Burns of the fourth degree. There is no rest on war, fighter! Also, with 1/4 of gravity it's first degree burns. Which's the best dagree!
So what was I talking about? Oh yes. War. There is a war ower there, merc. It seems that the old brothers decided to ██████████ of their █████████. Yes, we are ███████████████. But the ███████ █████████.
And in the process of ███████████████ like always. It turned out that stupid brothers ████████████ in one ravine! That's what I call coincidence!
And now they are struggling to steal enemy ███ data and protect their own. And they hire you to help!
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