Fieldworks A4

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It has been 454 days since the last update

Here are most of the changes:


Point A area:
- Expanded the point just a bit
- Rearranged some bits of cover
- Completely detailed the entire area

Point B area:
- Introduced new way to get into the middle building, via scaffolding
- Made each exit RED takes longer, for balance
- Mostly detailed the entire area

Point C area:
- Completely redesigned AGAIN (for probably last time)

Universal Changes:
- Updated skybox
- A bunch of other things im probably forgetting


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Point A area:
- Lowered the upper walkway a little
- Replaced fences under the walkway with smaller fence

Point B area:
- Healthpack changed to medium from small in the purple room
- New entrance into the upper area with windows from the left side for attackers
- Raised entrance into the upper area so defenders can't get through the transistion area
- Moved back the bottom resupply locker in red spawn
- Removed the orange room

Point C area:
- Whole area will feel rearranged, overall its bigger to keep it consistent scale with the other stages
- Rotated last area and rearranged transistion area from B to C
- Added upper area on the left which Red can defend from
- This area has medium health and ammo and is great for engineers
- Fixed some handrails still having Vphysics collsions

Universal Changes:
- Added 3d skybox and made it look better outside the map
- Fixed barrels exploding prematurely
- Transisition doors now look like they've been exploded after the barrels explode
cp_fieldworks_a2b (extra polish for asym contest)

Point A area:
- Made doorway from A to B bigger to draw attention better
- Removed clipping from the containers outside Red's spawn
- Back area now has access to container with cover

Point B area:
- Also made doorway bigger into C
- Resupply lockers closer to doorway
- Removed concrete blocks to add metal cover
- Health and ammo are behind metal cover

Point C area:
- Rearranged area before C to make room less confusing
- Left flank has a better view of the point

Universal Changes:
- Many rooms have new shades of colors in them to help players not get lost
- Red spawns have red colors, while Blu spawns have blue colors
- Many signs
- Chance of getting lost reduced to 0% (from 99.9%)
cp_fieldworks_a2 (polish for asym contest)

Point A area:
- Added some detailing work
- func_nobuild on truck
- Less health pickups for defenders and more pickups for attackers

Point B area:
- Added and rearranged cover near point
- Changed a bit of Blu's spawn
- Improved lighting

Point C area:
- Left entrance from spawn now connects to the balcony in the transistion area
- Left flank access into last changed
- Right area overlooking point now has a longer hallway
- fuck chin

Universal Changes:
- Force respawn on red when blu captures a point
- Darker texture to floors
- Max round time changed to 7 mins (from 8 mins)
- Red spawn buildings now have a red facade
- env_sun!!
- Slightly changed env_lighting position