Farmageddon rc1

The end of farms everywhere

  1. Workshop Release

    -scarecrows have more rimlight to make them stand out
    -minor detailing changes
    -optimized assets to lower overall file size
    -lowered cubemap scale to lower file size
    -added a better indicator to cap zone
  2. Inside Out

    -clipping fixes
    -underworld is now fully detailed (done by void)
    -lighting changes
    -other stuff probably
  3. Strange Timez

    -pumpkin monster model has been cut back (lost the stem)
    -scarecrow models stand out from the background more
    -added custom announcer
    -changed morice's lines and voice
    -added 3d skybox
    -added respawnroom visualizers to underworld as a way to try and stop camping the enterance
    -removed unintended custom textures
    -haybales are now less phallic
    -other things
  4. the right file

    -uploaded correct b2 file
  5. I'm not scared of Crows

    -replaced some major placeholder assets
    -moved around skeleman/scarecrow spawn locations
    -edited nav mesh
    -added custom hud icons
  6. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere

    -art passed the overworld
    -did not art pass the underworld cap zone
    -clipping fixes and changes
    -optimization attempts
    -skybox brush adjustments
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  7. the dark souls of competitive first person shooters

    -removed klaxon sound while cap teleport is open
    -changed up higher geometry at mid
    -changed up left side of the map between spawn and mid
    -water no longer kills you flat out, but does damage over time instead. This should help players who don't notice it's rising not die to something they don't understand
    -fixed combine spindle stop spinning
    -other stuff probably that I've forgotten
  8. Crime Never Wins when Batman Begins

    -skelemans now drop points on death
    -skelemans no longer split into smaller ones on death
    -the harvester will kill you now, so look out
    -changed text from the tf version to the hl2 version so it shows up with minimal hud settings
    -upped cap time from .8 sec to 1.1 sec for how long it takes to cap points
    -other stuff
  9. unoriginal, predictable and generic

    -removed spells
    -tried to make underworld geometry more interesting
    -changed some layout bits between transitional building and mid
    -moved around skelemans spawn areas
    -changed geometry by underworld entrance teleporters to make it more difficult for a class like the pyro to get to players as they appear there
    -fixed players getting stuck in underworld exit teleport door
    -made the teleport to the underworld area more obvious with visual cues
    -probably some other stuff I don't remember.
  10. Cursed number

    -lessened skelemans and changed their spawn locations
    -lowered water level in underworld and slowed it's speed when rising
    -added some sound effects for the underworld cap zone portal opening, being open, and closing
    -shrunk cap zone in underworld
    -set cap zone in underworld to block captures when both teams are on it at the same time
    -added a few spells, may remove later
    -clipping fixes
    -played around with custom soundscapes for the why nots