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Farmageddon Release

The end of farms everywhere

  1. MegapiemanPHD
    Player Destruction down on the farm.

    Badlands' Biggest Pumpkin has come to life and is going on a rampage. Both Blu and Red have been hired to deal with it, and you know they aren't going to work together.

    Shoot the other team, pick up their jugs of weedkiller, then feed it to the monsters heart. Look out though, it's not going to go down easy. Be sure to keep an eye out for it's scarecrow minions as well as the acid filled and radioactive innards.

    Megapiemanphd: Layout, Overworld detailing, custom announcer voice actor
    Void: Underworld detailing and particles
    Square: Monster pumpkin design and sculpt.
    Ducksink: Scarecrow skeleton replacement.
    FGD5: Pickup, creeper truck, tractor and farm furniture models, various edited models.
    DatGmann: Resupply cabinet, hay stack, combine harvester edits and animation, various edited models.
    SediSocks: Monster pumpkin lowpoly, original combine harvester, tree leaves
    Blaholtzen: Custom prop textures, custom map textures, sky, signs, reskins, various concept art, pumpkin voice actor
    Fuzzymellow: Fixed construction light prop
    Zeus3005: stalactite collision edit


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Recent Reviews

  1. Alex.bsp
    Version: rc1e
  2. Buttercup_irl
    Version: b5
    i love this map's concept and the decorating is spectacular. 11/10