Medieval Excalibur B1

A medieval ctf map for gits and shiggles

  1. Woosh

    This update was a bit rushed, but I really wanted to fix something I tried, but failed.

    This I changed:

    - Added Spectator Cams

    - Changed Flank even more on side of Castle

    - I dunno, better clipping?
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  2. Ho boy

    Well.. I might have gone over the top with this one. Please tell me what's wrong and whats.. not. I'm scared of my displacements work and I may have opened one of the flanks too much.

    What's in this update:

    - Artpass
    - Detail
    - Enlarged Mid (is this ok now Defcon?)
    - God, I don't even know what else. Its been a long month.
  3. I'm really bad at this

    I didn't actually.. The last version had the same name, alright?
  4. I forgot to pack!!

    AHHH, I forgot to pack!!
  5. Small castle changes

    I'm starting to design the actual look of the castle. please add any feedback on the castle design if you can.

    This updates includes:

    -shorter flag return time

    -Small clipping fixes

    -Small castle design ideas.
  6. Basic Detail and Cover

    I'll update Screenshots someday.

    This update includes:

    • Cover in front of both castles
    • Some textures
    • Better respawn times

    Please, if you find some place that could use cover, please tell me! I can't find them all myself!
  7. Flanks

    I forgot I had this update, especially since it's so crucial in enlarging the map. It just adds a third around the spire thing entrance to the castle. not much more, but it is a real help.

    -other fixes.
  8. I'm a dumb Binch

    oh man, haven't done this in too long.

    I forgot to pack it!! X.x