Medieval Excalibur B1

A medieval ctf map for gits and shiggles

    Happy Holidays Y'all!

    I wanna start off by thanking some people. first of all, my little brother, for creating the basic layout and idea for this map. thanks lil bro. also, all the mapper friends who have tested the map and given nice feedback. thank y'all so much!

    I also should say that this map is very simplistic right now. It will definitely be expanded on, height and layout wise. I also know about some weird bugs. like the rock clipping and the drawbridge lighting. don't worry, I'll work on it.

    So, this is a capture the flag medieval map centered around two castles, each with their own Excalibur, with a river in between. you gotta capture the other teams Excalibur three times to win, and when you first cap, you're drawbridge goes down.


    1. ctf_excalibur_a50017.jpg
    2. ctf_excalibur_a50018.jpg
    3. ctf_excalibur_a50019.jpg
    4. ctf_excalibur_a50020.jpg
    5. ctf_excalibur_a50021.jpg
    6. ctf_excalibur_a50022.jpg
    7. ctf_excalibur_a50023.jpg
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