Emerge, pt. 2 b3

Fr0z3nR's PL map, thawed and revived

  1. pl_emerge_b2

    * included a snow overlay (snowverlay) from the Frontline pack to make the snow more flush with the ground
    * fixed a couple handrails having no clipping
    * fixed some misplaced props/brushes/textures
    * manually clipped some props that have really bad collision meshes
    * fixed dodgy lighting on some props
    * other general clipping improvements
    * small detail changes

    BLU Forward Spawn 1:
    * modified detailing to be more BLU-oriented
    * fixed spawndoors closing if someone is standing in the trigger when the spawn is disabled (for real this time!)

    Point B:
    * fixed floating cart in the connector between A and B

    * ???
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