Egypt Thing a9

An egypt thing.

  1. Update to version a9

    • Fixed right side shortcut not opening after A is capped.
    • Added a window to the barrier at A.
    • Fixed clipping issues in various places.
    • Widened top entrance to B.
    • Downgraded ammopack at B to medium.
    • Added extra ammopack to right side connector between A and B.
  2. Update to version a8

    • Moved BLU forward spawn to a more centered and somewhat further place.
    • Added a shortcut between A-B yard and B-C yard.
    • Moved connectors between A and A-B yard area to be more centered.
    • Fixed some clipping errors.
    • Slightly redesigned the underground lobby area near entrance stairwell.
    • Slightly redesigned C point cover and surrounding area.
  3. Update to version a7

    • Made some alterations to C.
    • Added insta-respawn periods for RED after A and B is lost.
    • Reworked initial BLU spawn and initial area before A point.
  4. Update to version a6

    • Redesigned B (again)
    • Adjusted cap times for all points.
    • Widened main path to C.
  5. Update to version a5

    I totally did not skip updating this here for 3 versions...

    • Some changes to C
    • Some more changes to B