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dtf_powertime v1b

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dtf_powertime v1b

Explode the enemy team's flag

Powertime was an attempt at modifying an existing gamemode, and turning it into something new-ish.

dtf_(destroy the flag)powertime_1 is the result of that. Something I can only describe as a strange mixture of Special Delivery, Mann vs. Machine, and Capture the Flag.

The goal of dtf is fairly simple. In the middle of the map are two bombs, one for the red team and one for the blue team. You are supposed to bring your team's bomb to the enemy base, then capture the control point protecting their flag. Repeat this 3 times until you finally blow up their flag.

It's semi-bot supported. A few might get stuck in the corner of their spawnroom(valve, pls fix), and they don't seem too interested in closing up their hatch. Other then that, they work well enough.
allen the dumpster
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    made the map less trash, un-exploded the sun
  2. added gameplay