dryway a5_fixed

Enter the heat of battle!

  1. parkingturtle
    Hi everyone!

    Here is cp_dryway, a desert-styled map I started working on in february 2016.

    middle (the capture point is under the bridge)

    second (on a hill, there's building leading there and a quite open area between mid and p2)

    last (the last is relatively small and quite conventional, inspired by other maps like sunshine or vanguard)

    As you can see on the mid's and second's screenshots, there is long building, running from the mid to the lobby between second and last point. I thought it gave quite an interesting path for attacking from both sides.

    I hope you'll like it, send feedbacks to tell me what you liked, disliked, what should be changed and stuff (I'm aware that there are some black textures here and there on the map but I'm still searching for a way to fix it).

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