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Drenched a4a

A watery 5CP Domination.

  1. a4a - don't mind me just fixing minor issues

    Picked Random
    very minor update only 3 months in the making

    • Fixed bug that would incorrectly tally a team's owned control points should one team cap the opposing team's default owned points before the midpoint.
    • Removed the ability to score from enemy deaths.
    • Moved crocodile infested waters 32 Hammer units away from the shore.
    • Modified collision on the respawn room door frames.
  2. a4 - rest in peace my platform crocodile sons :(

    Picked Random
    • Reverted back to requiring a majority hold on control points to score.
    • Teams holding all control points no longer score from enemy kills.
    • Tweaked the road between the spawn courtyard and mid to prevent crossmap sightlines.
    • Changed the indoor spawn exit to be a room instead of a narrow corridor.
    • Moved the ammo and health on the containers to be in the air between the two. For fairness, probably.
    • Ground now drops off at the start of crocodile waters.
    • Some small...
  3. a3 - and for fun i added crocodiles

    Picked Random
    • Revamped the entire layout to make it visually more interesting and less flat.
    • Respawn times no longer reach 40 seconds. Hopefully nothing took its place.
    • Added two additional sets of health and ammo pickups.
    • Reduced the time required to cap the points.
  4. a2 - Found the mute button

    Picked Random
    After moderately annoying some people with dings, there can now be a new update to the map.
    • Scoring points no longer triggers dings from the HUD. Rejoice, the loud timer is gone!
    • Scoring points no longer requires holding a majority of the control points. Now each control point will generate one point per second for the team holding it after the first capture.
      • Score goal increased from 360 to 1000 to compensate.
    • Capturing control points now affects the...
  5. Anti-Bottle Security Update

    Picked Random
    despite making sure i didn't forget something, i forgot something

    This should make it so that you can't grab bottles by touching them in the splitsecond before they despawn.
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