DR_Bank V12a

This is a bank themed, TF2 Deathrun map where red team have to break into and escape from a bank!

  1. Version 12a Update

    V12a Change log
    Fixed a clipping issue near trap 4
    2) Fixed a missing texture
    3) Fixed the alarm bells volume, adding in a couple extra commands to stop the sound one players reach certain points.
    4) Fixed the button blocker for trap a8 not being killed alongside the button when disabled in easy mode.
  2. Version 12 Update

    [h1]V12 Change log[/h1]
    1) Made the buttons to both Staller doors 'Touch' and '+use' activated.
    2) Nearly all sounds are now called via a 'SoundScript' for better audio control.
    3) Added 'AddOutput Health 1' overrides to all 'trigger_hurt' brushes where the player should die instantly. All others use 'Doubling with Forgiveness' to counter super high HP players.
    4) Disabled physics on all 'trigger_hurt' brushes so that player...
  3. Version 11 Update

    V11 Change log
    Fixed players being able to trigger the staller buttons from the side with the 'Wrap Assassin'
    2) Set the key prop to be invisible until the moment the correct box is found, preventing spectating players from cheating.
    3) Added map-wide func_nobuild and func_nogrenades zones. These both existed in previous versions but only over select areas. Now the whole of the red area is covered, with the func_nogrenades set to filter against...
  4. Version 10 Update

    DR_Bank_V10 Change Log.

    1) Hopefully fixed the lag / stuttering issues. This was probably caused by 'Bone Followers' being enabled on the new Gaben prop. All props that do not need 'Bone Followers' have had the setting disabled.
    2) Fixed players being able to block the both sets of staller doors.
    • For the first door an 'No entry' wall will be in place until the doors are fully open.
    • For the second door players will get teleported back a short...
  5. Version 8a Update

    DR_Bank_V8a Change Log
    This is identical to the V8 update, it only fixes bugs in the previous version.
    1) Fixed the code system
    2) Fixed some missing sounds.
  6. Version 8 Update

    DR_Bank_V8 Change Log
    Fixed missing particle effects.
    2) Re-made the code displays to use ToggleTexture brushes instead of multiple func_brush's per digit, saving a lot of entities.
    3) Fixed an issue where red players could get stuck in the 2nd trap.
    4) Reversed the 2nd staller door so now it opens inward instead of outward, but slowed it's speed by 30% to compensate.
    5) Re-textured the main Vault doors.
    6) Re-made all of the custom textures and...
  7. Version 6 Update

    DR_Bank_V6 Change Log
    1) Fixed an exploit where red players could hide in a corner to avoid Gaben.
    2) Fixed the 'no entry' decal on the one way door (in the lobby)
    3) Added an output to override the health of both players inside the fighting area. This will force both players to have 100hp, regardless of class or items held.
    4) Swapped some func_detail filing cabinets with a custom prop. ("Filling Cabinet" by Rexy -...