DR_Bank V12a

This is a bank themed, TF2 Deathrun map where red team have to break into and escape from a bank!

  1. Version 8 Update

    DR_Bank_V8 Change Log
    Fixed missing particle effects.
    2) Re-made the code displays to use ToggleTexture brushes instead of multiple func_brush's per digit, saving a lot of entities.
    3) Fixed an issue where red players could get stuck in the 2nd trap.
    4) Reversed the 2nd staller door so now it opens inward instead of outward, but slowed it's speed by 30% to compensate.
    5) Re-textured the main Vault doors.
    6) Re-made all of the custom textures and decals.
    7) Minor optimizations.

    I'm also adding on the V7 change log, which I had forgotten to upload here when updating the map from V6 to V7:
    DR_Bank_V7 Change Log
    Replaced the Gaben model with a different model, as I was unable to fix the missing hair. The map now uses this model - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=124849648
    2) Fixed spies being able to get past Gaben by disguising, waiting next to the sentries in the vault, then leaving though the vault door as Gaben passes. (Though really we should blame lazy server owners for allowing spies to disguise in Deathrun)
    3) Added melee damage filters to the following buttons:
    • The first red button to stalling doors (beside the fan trap) to prevent players from shooting the button outside of the fan trap's range.
    • The buttons to the barrel trap, to prevent both buttons being activated at the same time.
    • The buttons to the toxic waste trap inside the vault, again to prevent both buttons being activated at the same time.
    • The buttons to the code pad.
    4) Fixed players being able to trigger the explosion particle effect for the barrel traps by dropping weapons onto them. This did not cause any damage to players in previous versions, but fixed none the less.
    5) Converted some func_detail geometry into prop_static's
    6) Removed the Freerun button.
    7) Updated the Pitfall trap (2nd trap)
    8) Added numbers to the tops of buttons to indicate their order of use.
    9) Fixed a couple of texture errors.
    10) Fixed the bad lighting around the DDoS trap (15th trap)
    11) Replaced the healing beam the activates when players break the glass to the firepit with 6 small health packs. These de-spawn after 10 seconds.
    12) Added new detailing inside the fire pit:
    13) Converted all remaining .mp3 files to .wav
    14) Added some alternate songs to the Humiliation disco.
    15) Created a new key prop and used it to replace the golden wrench. The supporting text has been updated to reflect the change, and added a padlock over the doors to the code booth.
    16) Added the new tf_glow effect to various props in the map to aide players. This includes adding a glow to Gaben so that players can see where he is.
    17) Updated the effects in the mini game, including a momentary stun effect which only applies when the crusher slams down.
    18) Updated the credit signs to include newer URL's and assets not previously credited.
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