DR_Bank V12a

This is a bank themed, TF2 Deathrun map where red team have to break into and escape from a bank!

  1. Version 11 Update

    V11 Change log
    Fixed players being able to trigger the staller buttons from the side with the 'Wrap Assassin'
    2) Set the key prop to be invisible until the moment the correct box is found, preventing spectating players from cheating.
    3) Added map-wide func_nobuild and func_nogrenades zones. These both existed in previous versions but only over select areas. Now the whole of the red area is covered, with the func_nogrenades set to filter against Red team.
    4) Added trigger_remove_tf_player_condition brushes over certain traps, because who allows Demomen to cheat death, or lets Spies cloak and disguise?!
    5) Added a win trigger to the humiliation chamber. Should death somehow not die to any of the events, Red will still win the game.
    6) Replaced some of the training_annotation's with env_sprite_oriented's.
    7) Added a 'Dissolve' effect to various traps, which will make player ragdolls dissolve as if hit by a Neon Annihilator. (This also helps optimise the map a little)
    8) Altered the teleport to the Keypad. Idling in the booth will now teleport those players to the back of the room. Players who enter the wrong code will now be Dissolved.
    9) Added a particle effect to the code booth for when idle players are removed from it.
    10) Added an 11th possible humiliation event.
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