DR_Bank V12a

This is a bank themed, TF2 Deathrun map where red team have to break into and escape from a bank!

  1. Version 10 Update

    DR_Bank_V10 Change Log.

    1) Hopefully fixed the lag / stuttering issues. This was probably caused by 'Bone Followers' being enabled on the new Gaben prop. All props that do not need 'Bone Followers' have had the setting disabled.
    2) Fixed players being able to block the both sets of staller doors.
    • For the first door an 'No entry' wall will be in place until the doors are fully open.
    • For the second door players will get teleported back a short way into the corridor they came from.
    3) Added func_clip_vphysics clipping over the Staller door buttons.
    4) Changed some rotating items to use func_rotating.
    5) Added a new particle effect to Traps 4 (the fan trap) and 11 (vent fan) to visualise air being sucked in.
    6) (Trap 11) The fan in the vent trap will now over accelerate while active.
    7) Fixed various packing issues, including the 2 trail sprites not being packed and various default models being packed in.
    8) Replaced Blue's glass floor with a better texture that is soundless, less reflective and shows more of the world underneath.
    9) Nerfed the intensity of the lighting effects used water tank trap as this cause a significant FPS drop even on high end PCs.
    10) Compressed various sound files.
    11) Smoothed out the barrel for the barrel trap, adding in a visible source of the trap.
    12) Made sure all doors have a blocking damage of 99999.
    13) All trigger_hurt brushes that are meant to instantly kill the player now deal 99999 damage and will force the players health to 1 on contact.
    14) Fixed the trigger_hurt brush for the toxic waste humiliation accidentally healing the players faster than it did damage by it repeatedly setting the players health back to 100.
    15) Fixed the road in spawn using reflections.
    16) Retextured various parts of the map still using HL2 textures.
    17) Upgraded Trap 14 (Shoop-da-whoop) with a new particle effect.
    18) Fixed the health packs not spawning when the window out of the lava is broken.
    19) Added a 10th possible event in the Humiliation Chamber.
    20) Removed the HDR lighting, reverting back to LDR lighting. The map didn't use any high contrast lighting that made good use of of the HDR effects. Instead I have given some items higher detailed lightmap scales for better bumpmap shadows.
    21) Minor optimization, notably adding fade distances on small props such as the light models and door handles.
    22) (Trap9) Nerfed the damage output in the toxic waste pools to give quick thinking players a chance to escape.
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