DR_4Halls V7

A quick but challenging Deathrun map set though 4 halls of pain!

  1. Version 7 Update

    Global Changes.
    Compressed all sound files, converting them to .mp3 unless looping.
    2) Nearly all sounds are now called via a 'SoundScript' for better audio control.
    3) Disabled 'Bone Followers' on all props as none needed this enabled.
    4) Replaced the glass in Blue's tunnel with a custom low-alpha and low-reflectivity glass. Blue players should have a better view of the map around them.
    5) All traps now turn either turn green in some way or have...
  2. Version 6 Update

    [h1]V6 Change log:[/h1]
    1) Fixed players not dying to the lava in the 3rd hall.
    2) Moved the source of the particle effects so they are properly visible (half of the effect was under the map)
    3) Fixed the missing particle effects in the VSH version
    4) Added a tf_glow effect to the motivator. This allows players to see where he is at all times.
    5) Updated a few minor textures.

    Somehow I never updated this download to V6, even though I updated the Steam...
  3. Version 5 Update

    V5 Change log:
    1) Added a map-wide func_nogrenades zone to the map. This will prevent all rocket and sticky jumping attempt, preventing players from bypassing sections of the map.
    2) Updated the lava texture used in the 3rd hall.
    3) Added steam particle effects in the 3rd hall.
    4) Fixed the missing particle effect from water in the 4th hall.
    5) Added a BlockBullets wall between the end of the winner platform and the losers cage. This will...