Dixie a10

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Dixie a10

you push the cart and then win or lose depending on the cart pushing

Multi-stage payload map set in a national forest/nuclear plant, currently just one stage in development.

stage 1: pre-alpha
stage 2: Might not exist?? still haven't decided if this is a two or three stage map (will probably be three).
stage 3: a10
First release
Last update

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Latest updates

  1. a10

    YARD (PRE-A) -added some more height differences to make holding positions more obvious (and to add difficulty) -adjusted far rock cover to account for new height difference and accidentally created a scout route up in the process -fixed colors...
  2. a9

    B SHORT FLANK -route to warehouse now comes from basement, is wider, and longer, which should make it less ambush-friendly -route to pool room is further away from pool -added route from upper room to rotate into warehouse -removed full health...
  3. a6

    quick update for any potential testing later today. more substantial changes are planned (last needs some big changes), but they'll take at least a day or two to actually make. PICKUP ADJUSTMENTS -removed medium health near tracks because it was...