Dixie a10

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-added some more height differences to make holding positions more obvious (and to add difficulty)
-adjusted far rock cover to account for new height difference and accidentally created a scout route up in the process
-fixed colors on pickup indicators because i forgot that you can't put overlays on func_brush
-lowered concrete block so you can crouch jump onto it without using the barrels
-textured some things because hey why not

-removed upper doorway/bridge by loading dock for two reasons: a) so that its a less powerful route to push in with for blue and functions more as a sneaky flank b) so that people coming in from blue are more likely to continue using the route to push into B instead of filtering off into the warehouse

-changed cap name

-changed small health to medium

-added route to upper room that should hopefully let red use the rooftop more easily
-rerouted warehouse connector to fit in new route

-changed upper room windows to be consistent with the other room's windows
-added a desk to lower room

-made it bigger, again
-shifted over one warehouse bay so that there are two main entrances into the pool room rather than one main route and two kinda shitty flanks. also this should make B short flank a better route to attack with because its nearby entrance to the pool room is a bit stronger (hopefully)
-reworked spawn exits to make the pool room hopefully better?? i'm still figuring out what to do with this area
-changed cap name to something sensible
-route to warehouse now comes from basement, is wider, and longer, which should make it less ambush-friendly
-route to pool room is further away from pool
-added route from upper room to rotate into warehouse
-removed full health
-moved medium ammo inside
-added medium health by ammo
-made upper roof exit wider
-reworked stairwell

-removed blue side doorway into building inside of warehouse
-moved medium ammo into building
-added staircase up to platform from track area
-opened area underneath stairs
-added medium health/ammo under stairs
-route to pool room is further away from pool and has less of a height advantage
-moved small health/ammo inside

-added more stairs up to A long flank red side
-moved full ammo by A choke to the roofed area
-made pool room longer to provide a larger fighting space around the track
-made warehouse longer
-reworked upper warehouse room red side stairs to be 2:3 slope instead of 1:1
-adjusted red spawn to hopefully be less campable??
-adjusted ramp in blue spawn so you can't get caught on it
-added small ammo near DIXIE sign
-added small health to basement room near loading dock
-added small health to upper warehouse room
-fixed weird fence
quick update for any potential testing later today. more substantial changes are planned (last needs some big changes), but they'll take at least a day or two to actually make.

-removed medium health near tracks because it was in a weird spot
-moved full ammo by A sentry nest further away, changed health to a medium so that its more useful to everyone (also to make up for missing health pack mentioned on previous bullet point)
-changed medium health by A short flank to a small
-changed medium ammo by A short flank (blue side) to a small, moved it to be next to health in same area
-moved small ammo on A short flank bridge to red side, changed to medium ammo
-changed medium ammo on A long flank to a small
-moved medium ammo on B long flank to a spot that isn't hidden from red team
-moved small health/ammo combo near B main blue side slightly further away from wall, which is very significant

-removed barrels on B long flank's blue side entry, added a barrel outside of same doorway to somewhat block the same sightline
-adjusted A short flank roof to look less accessible, made short A flank a bit wider in the process
-adjusted stairs in short A flank because I wanted to put a handrail on them i guess?? also very significant
-clipped B main roofs (they were supposed to be this way in the first place)
-brought far wall of cart entry area back inwards to make things a bit more snug, which should make it a tiny bit harder to hold blue in spawn

no screenshots because im lazy (changes are minor anyways)
-scrapped everything after A and started over
-reworked some existing connectors to fit new post-A design
-changed some pickups around pre-A
-rescaled some areas
-reworked blue spawn to not feel gigantic and hopefully provide a better way out of the flank exit
-Fixed respawn room visualizers for blue spawn (Only one of the three was working, oops!)
-Packed ground texture