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Dixie a10

you push the cart and then win or lose depending on the cart pushing

  1. a10

    YARD (PRE-A)
    -added some more height differences to make holding positions more obvious (and to add difficulty)
    -adjusted far rock cover to account for new height difference and accidentally created a scout route up in the process
    -fixed colors on pickup indicators because i forgot that you can't put overlays on func_brush
    -lowered concrete block so you can crouch jump onto it without using the barrels
    -textured some things because hey why not

    -removed upper doorway/bridge by...
  2. a9

    -route to warehouse now comes from basement, is wider, and longer, which should make it less ambush-friendly
    -route to pool room is further away from pool
    -added route from upper room to rotate into warehouse
    -removed full health
    -moved medium ammo inside
    -added medium health by ammo
    -made upper roof exit wider
    -reworked stairwell

    -removed blue side doorway into building inside of warehouse
    -moved medium ammo into building
    -added staircase up to platform from...
  3. a6

    quick update for any potential testing later today. more substantial changes are planned (last needs some big changes), but they'll take at least a day or two to actually make.

    -removed medium health near tracks because it was in a weird spot
    -moved full ammo by A sentry nest further away, changed health to a medium so that its more useful to everyone (also to make up for missing health pack mentioned on previous bullet point)
    -changed medium health by A short flank to a...
  4. a5

    -scrapped everything after A and started over
    -reworked some existing connectors to fit new post-A design
    -changed some pickups around pre-A
    -rescaled some areas
    -reworked blue spawn to not feel gigantic and hopefully provide a better way out of the flank exit
  5. a1 bugfix (a1a)

    -Fixed respawn room visualizers for blue spawn (Only one of the three was working, oops!)
    -Packed ground texture
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