Diskoff a3

Short MVM map, with deathpits! People like that!

  1. Startacker!
    Diskoff! A map with an (1) elevator in it! And some deathpits too I guess!

    Uses slightly modified missions from Decoy. (Normal, Intermediate, and Advanced)

    Throw the contents of the map folder into tf/maps. And toss the .pop files into your tf/scripts/population folder. (Create it if it doesn't exist)

    20170415120708_1.jpg 20170415120713_1.jpg 20170415120716_1.jpg 20170415120719_1.jpg 20170415120723_1.jpg 20170415120732_1.jpg 20170415120736_1.jpg 20170415120739_1.jpg 20170415120742_1.jpg

    Oh and this is for the Mappers VS Machines contest.
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixes n things!
  2. New starting area :o