Discovery rc2

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Discovery rc2

Arena_Discovery is cliffside-excavation of an old Mayan waterfall temple.

Discovery (ARENA)
by Egan

Currently: Release Candidate

Arena_Discovery is cliffside-excavation of an old Mayan waterfall temple. To spice the mode up, there is a random 1 in 3 chance that the round will spawn a special Knockout powerup on top of the giant head in the center of the map.

To win, either kill all the enemy players or, after 1 minute, capture the center control point that forms from the collapsed bridge.

Thanks to:
3dnj - Emerald Water
Heyo(Sean) - Jungle Models
Freyja - Tent Model
BANG! - Shrine Model
E-Arkham - Banyan Tree Model / Mayann Models / Textures
GetGrenade - Head Model
Ravidge - Palm Tree Models / Construction Models
Prestige - Official Pack Checker
Owlyoop - Official Backup Pack Checker
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to RC2

    Changes from rc1: - Changed the custom .mp3 files to .wav, this does increase the filesize by 4mb, but I was having semi-consistent .mp3 decoding issues previously (sometimes the sounds didn't play). - The knockout powerup movement speed bonus...
  2. Mayann Thing

    - Redecorated for Mayann. - Added a new jump route from mid cliff crates to top of stairs. - Added a small perch point near top of mid structures. - Added a 1/3 per round chance that a knockout powerup will spawn on top of the head at mid. - Made...

Latest reviews

The flow of the game didnt seem to work so well (for me), but it looks gorgeous and needs 5 stars
Very, very fun arena map. All classes can perform very well on this map. The bridge lifting up to make the capture point is also a nice feature, as it breaks a large sight line at the beginning of the game and then opens it up when the round runs long enough to enable the control point.